Do my songs need to be finished and recorded with Logic X or Pro Tools?

Not at all! We're more than aware that not all writers have the full studio gear at home. We accept demos recorded at any standard and also work with incomplete songs/ideas.

Do UB's services include studio time?

Not at the moment, though this is 100% something we're working towards. Although our Premium package includes your A&R mentor sitting in studio sessions for direct feedback and guidance to you and your co-writers.

Do the mentoring services also include release campaigns?

They do not. Our focus will always be to ensure the creativity of your art is at its highest possible standard before any marketing or release, therefore allowing your chances of being discovered or signed much greater. We will always promise to advise honestly and realistically for your successful career.

My schedule is unpredictable, would this effect my time with a UB mentor?

Definitely not! Our service is online and completely designed around your schedule. You let us know what your diary looks like and we will ensure you're getting maximum support and growth.

How do I know if these services are right for me?

If you're unsure, simply email with your question. Please include a few short words about you and your goals and a mentor will come back to you the same day. We are always happy to schedule a consultation call.

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